Monday, August 13, 2012

pedistal sketches & kiln trouble

These are the sketches I've drafted of pedestals for two current pieces. I've sent them off for bids at a couple of places and will contact some other welders. 

The large kiln was loaded with the first two pieces (squashed pots and figurative form) but I fired off the third piece in the smaller kiln yesterday first because I'd be home during the day to turn up the switches. My large kiln has a electronic ramp; nothing like the new digital kilns which gives more control, but at least I don't have to be there to turn it up. Even though it has been triple digit temperatures for days, I candled the kiln over night and set it to ramp up this morning. Maybe that wasn't the best idea. At noon, after a couple hours of work in the studio I noticed the kiln had quietly stopped running. The circuit had tripped at 1040 degrees so I reset it and left to teach a couple of classes. When I returned 5 hours later, it was 100 degrees in the studio and the kiln had just shut off again. It had only gained 50 degrees all that time.  There is obviously something wrong!  I tried resetting the breaker but after 45 minutes, even though it was running, the internal temperature had dropped 50 degrees.  Hopefully it can be fixed soon.

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