Saturday, March 17, 2012

installation in progress

Laying down white paper on the floor really helps tie the floor and wall together.  Things are feeling less cluttered and open.  I've also built several white pedestals at various heights (12" to 20") for the squashed pots which I'll post soon.  I will by experimenting with projected words on to the pots next.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

moving in, setting up new installation space

moving in, wall boards up 3/11

3/12 & 13, wall board painted, start to move over work

3/14, start installing

more views

try adding in ceramic swan & duck
After getting the wall boards up, spackling, and painting, I built some round black pedestals, and started moving my work over.  I wish I had twice as much area but it is probably comparable to what is given at AIB.  I'll continue to move the work around, edit, and play.  There is too much up at this point but my tendency is always to pack things in. I like the sense of the duck and swan navigating this weird landscape.  Next I'll try projecting words on to the pots.  Does the floor need to be black or maybe white?

Saturday, March 10, 2012


The new orbs are floor pieces, not wall!

new work, better images

Now that the pieces I've created since Jan. are finally through the firing process, I'll be moving them over to my installation space to see how they interact. Several have been in and out of the kiln numerous times to get the layers of color and surface textures. With the exception of the group of small "flames", these are wall pieces.  The orbs are 13" to 15" diameter with piano wire extensions up to 27"h.

ceramic with piano wire



ceramic with piano wire and astro-turf

another view

better image of orb from previous post


misc. flames for installation

another view

Thursday, March 1, 2012

work on its way

green orb with piano wires

broken mound, in kiln before glaze firing

concentric circle mound, in kiln for glaze firing

spiral mound, in kiln for glaze firing

As above, 1st glaze firing, side view

another view

As above, 1st glaze firing

finished work

refired from first set of squashed pots
In this next phase of work since meeting with Jim Melchert mid February, there are four mounds and three sets of squashed pots in the works.  Since most of the pieces are still in progress, needing further color work, this is how they appear to date.  The intention is for the green orb to be on the floor but since I haven't moved it over to the installation space (which still needs wall board put up and painted), please excuse the patched paper background.  It looks better on white than the tile floor.  Last night, just as I was finished glazing the mound with swirls on an electric potter's wheel, I put my foot down on the pedal and it went flying like a saucer!  Yup, big mistake.  I'll just have to continue glaze work and piece it together later.  There are three holes for piano wire extensions. 
       Jim and I have been discussing the use of circles/mounds with the implication that they read as portals and/or eruption.  A black circle indicates a hole when placed on the ground, or wall for that matter.  I'd like the mounds to appear to rise up from the earth.  The spiral mound will have both piano wires and astro-turf.  The glaze before firing doesn't represent the true colors. The pink and blue center squashed pots will be refired at a high temperature.  The white matt glaze is too flat, the black should have appeared like gun metal, and the pink is uneven.  If I fire the red glazed pots higher to improve the white matt, I'll loose the red glaze.  These pots will become part of my experiment to project words.  I envision them on (clean) black circles, not wheel bats as photographed.  Once this group of works is complete, I need to focus on my installation space and just play with the forms and how they are perceived in their environment.  I've got a mini projector but still need to figure out how to use it!

Jim also asked me to do drawings of some of the forms I made last semester.  My first attempts are quite academic; it wasn't not easy at that.  Maybe next I'll enlarge and focus on one part.  Not sure what the direction is here.