Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New piece

I dreamed last night that the piece I built had astro-turf inside its cavity. Perhaps the idea had already been percolating but seeing it in living color in my mind's eye helped push the idea further. Today I added piano wire tendrils capped with golf green studs. Here is the progression. It measures 24" high (without extensions). I'm thinking about an open round metal stand.

 Here are some images of the inflatable swan prop tied up. I like the way it bulges around the string and suggests binding and inability to move.  

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Adding to the Pile

The pile has been growing and is now complete. It measures 24" x 24" x 20"h and is extremely heavy. After it sets up, I'll try to attach pieces so there are just two separate sections to make it easier to load and fire.

First grouping

One of the many odd figurative pots.

Near completion.

Another view.

First finished pile.

Another view.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

There & Here

I thought it would be helpful to post the installation shots from AIB as I move forward into the residency.  I've listened to the crits and am writing the summary.  It seems like I just need to work through the various directions rather than pick one. 

I've wheel thrown and built 7 large pots which will form the bottom layer of a large mound. Maybe I'll throw in a swan, or dare I say duck in the pile up? The mass is too wide for my largest kiln but I decided I wouldn't confine myself and will find a way to have them fired. 

Before & After shots:

Other things I am thinking about: tying up an inflatable, hanging an inflatable swan from a wooden frame on the wall (like from a hunt), reflections of a duck in a creek, the carved folds in an 18th century wooden angel statue, and Lynda Benglis' poured works.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hit the ground, up and running

It was a horrendous journey back from Boston. Delayed and rescheduled flights causing rushed packing of ceramics, and 15 hours in transit following the residency knocked the wind out of me. I arrived home at 2 am (5 EST) and had to teach that day. I spent the week designing a web site which is now up, and have taken several books out of the UC Davis library. The UPS return shipment of work from AIB arrived Tues. afternoon. Last night I finished unpacking the 6 large boxes.  The last two pieces unwrapped were broken.  It is always a heartbreak, but this time, it felt like cruel punishment. Now I've got to step backward to make repairs. Less work will be sent to the next residency, period. On a positive note, I very much look forward to having Jann Nunn as my next mentor.