Tuesday, October 23, 2012

new piece & images

These pieces were presented to Jann Nunn yesterday. They are nearly finished but need some refinement in both pedestal and appendages. The welder agreed to modify the last pedestal due to not meeting my initial specification of a 30 degree slant and for cleaner welds at the mid point. I am going to repaint the wood component of the steel pedestals grey, clean & polish the steel, and make some additional "drips," among other things.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Towards completion

There really isn't a good place to photograph the new work in my studio. I'll bring them to be professionally photographed when done. Yesterday I picked up the three welded pedestals and a metal hook for the fourth piece. The ceramic form that rests on the wooden pedestal is back in the kiln for its fourth firing; the others mostly had three.

I'll post the wall piece after completing the mount for it. The wood forms and mirror have been cut and it just needs to be put together and painted. These works (plus the one not photographed yet) will be presented on Monday to mentor Jann Nunn. Titles haven't come to me.

This piece was created in the last studio session but was waiting the fabrication of the pedestal.

The bottom piece is back in the kiln.

This piece is also in the kiln for another round of color. It is hard to see, but there are ceramic pieces hanging off the wooden framework as well as one that is suspended down the center. It also has piano wire appendages with plastic ends.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

"Stretching Function"

Last night was the reception for the "Stretching Function" exhibit at the Davis Art Center Tsao Gallery. The clear plexi stands under the pedestal works provide lift and make them appear to hover. These are my bowl forms included along with 10 other artists' work. It runs from 10/11 through 11/18. I have works in 3 other group shows in Sacramento, Woodland, and Davis. Next month, I'll be sharing the Kaneko Gallery at American River College, Sacramento with a 2-D artist.

Monday, October 8, 2012

New pedestal

The welder I had employed to fabricate the steel elements of the pedestals dropped out of the picture. I'm meeting with someone new tomorrow. Meanwhile, I've built a new wooden pedestal for a piece that is cooling from the bisque firing. No photos yet so I trust it didn't blow!  The three most recent works should be out of the kiln by morning. There will be some ceramic forms resting (dripping) through the woodwork and another suspended down the middle.
stand in progress with clay forms nestled in

complete except for top board

another view

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

in the works...

The welder returned the first completed pedestal because there was too much tension on the rods for him to work with. Although I thought the holes were measured out, it turns out the spacing was irregular. The wider rods were not really what I wanted anyway so I bought a third (or is it fourth?) set of 5 steel rods and had them cut shorter to alleviate the pressure outward. Although there is more "slop" in the new holes, the tension is gone. Some of the wood forms will need lots of putty to fill those old holes or re-cut. I really hope that this pedestal can be welded so I can move forward!  There are two more to be built plus a wall mount. The next one up is more complicated. I hate spending so much time with pedestal fabrication instead of clay!  That said, I've just started building a wooden framed pedestal for a fifth piece yet to be made. I am literally working from the ground up this time.

This new piece hangs from the wall and a hook. I need to hand build one more piece to fill the kiln before firing it up. Two are ready to be bisqued at this point.

total height 25.5" x 6"w, top to hang a hook and rest on a mirror, bottom part hangs below

template for wall mount

side view of wall support

Pedestal prototype for piece shown in previous post. It slides through the middle while another part flows off the base.