Thursday, September 27, 2012

2nd pedestal & new work started

The pedestal for the 2nd finished piece is in progress. I've built the prototype and will meet with a welder tomorrow to finalize the first (shown in the previous post) and start on the second. A third piece has been built and a fourth is on its way which will hang from the wall and a hook.

This is the prototype which will be built from wood and steel as the previous model. The top of the pedestal is angled, intentionally not level, so the piece will appear to be on an incline with part sliding off the side.

Sketch for next two works.

This piece will slide through a ring of a pedestal at its waist. It measures 28"l x 12" w x 9.5"d.

another view

detail of top

This part sits on the pedestal base and flows outward. It measures 11"l x 7"w x 9"h.

another view

Monday, September 17, 2012

Finding Center

 These two pieces represent the direction I expect to continue this semester. I am exploring the spaces above and below, trying to create forms that flow, contain, drip, and float. They are about balance, unease, surprise, hollows, orifices, skin & bones, smoke & fire, beauty & ugly. This piece is called "Knuckle Bones." It is composed of glazed ceramic, piano strings, plastic golf shoe cleats, artificial grass, wood, and steel rods. 

This version shows a larger piece on the bottom than the photograph below. I am still playing with proportions.

When I first built the prototype, the rods were thinner. This is the third set, now at 3/8". It was very wobbly at start but is fairly stable now. It will be much stronger when steel rings are welded below each circle.

Total height is about 66," floor to top cleat. Width of pedestal is 16.5".
other side

inside detail

Here is the original pedestal prototype for "Knuckle Ball".
I am working on the prototype pedestal for this next piece. The top of the base will be at an angle. First I create a model with foam core and rods, then have plywood cut and drilled. Next step will be to have the rods welded. The design for the pedestal of this piece is more complex (see earlier post).

detail of glaze

detail, side view

This pile of pots is no longer. It fell from my hands (the glue didn't hold) while being unloaded from my car after meeting with my mentor. That solves the issue of storage and shipping. Although I enjoy the conceptual aspects of this work, I feel more compelled to create the abstract works above.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Beauty Bound

First finished piece of the semester. Beauty Bound. Hand built ceramic, wood, mirror, string.
14"h x 14"d x 16"w.

Monday, September 3, 2012

wall mounted pedestal in progress

The wall pedestal for the swan has been glued together. Next I'll paint it white and install the mirror which I had cut to fit.  I'm looking forward to seeing a piece finished! The kiln is nearly done firing a mixed load of glaze and bisque. This is the first complete firing with the new controller. It has been running slower than the programmed temperatures and the dedicated circuits seems a bit hotter than the others on the panel. I'm not sure if this is normal.