Friday, August 31, 2012

circuits and other meltdowns

It is a good thing that the circuits for the kiln were replaced along with those for the kitchen because they were both melting with the rubber panel behind them. The electrician reconfigured the circuit board and the kiln repair was completed on Tuesday. We tested the kiln up to 1100 degrees to make sure the circuit didn't trip but I have yet to run the kiln all the way up. The circuit was still heating up even at that point so I'll be sure to be home when it runs!  I am moving along with my glazing and writing my critical theory paper due tomorrow. The rebuilt large abstract work is nearly dry. The swan is in for its third firing. The mirrors and woodwork for its base are cut and just need assembling.

melted circuit board
On a sad note, I had to have my cat put to sleep last night. I waver between tears and knowing it was the right thing to do. He was diagnosed with stomach cancer on August 8th and was really struggling. He was with us 17 of his 18 years as the kids grew up. It is hard to stay focused. This Labor Day weekend will be all about labor as I try to get my work finished before meeting with my mentor mid week.
Zenith, RIP

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