Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mid term of my last semester!

Here it is March already and graduation is looming. Two drafts of my thesis entitled "Beautifully Grotesque" have been submitted and two sculptures are in the works. Yesterday I met for the second time with mentor Lucy Puls. Input from our first meeting led me to build a piece for mounting on a pillow. It was a solution to lifting the work off the floor while referencing reclining nudes. I was also subsequently influenced by this image of a sleeping Eros reproduced in the NY Times from a review of an exhibition at the MET.
Sleeping Eros, bronze from 2nd or 3rd century B.C.

Here are a couple of images from the first glaze firing. The work is already back in the kiln for another round of color. Since I've completely run out of room in both my studio and house, these were photographed outside in strong sunlight. The bed form was constructed from thick styrofoam which is topped with a pillow that I sewed and stuffed with bean chair pellets. The cushion fabric has yet to be cut and shaped.


Next I constructed a piece to be suspended by a cable or chord from the ceiling. It is also in two parts that will be joined after the firing is complete. These images are pretty poor; I hope to have ones that better represent the color and form soon.
These are like drips or udders that will hang down from the piece pictured above.

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