Tuesday, December 11, 2012

To Boston and beyond...

I've been researching and gathering packing materials for shipping work to AIB. It is hard to believe that the work has to be boxed to leave next Friday, 12/21 in order to arrive on Jan. 2! It has taken at least two trips to each of three suppliers including in the towns of Elk Grove and Woodland to get the appropriate sized boxes. There will be 8 outer boxes total. Everything will be double boxed except for the four largest ones for the pedestals: 40" x 20"x 20" each. These have to be cut to size along with 1" honeycomb cardboard inserts to strengthen the walls. I'm in the process of getting shipping quotes from four sources. The most economical is ground freight if bundled on a pallet. It looks to cost $400-500 each way, not including insurance. I've already spent $300 on boxes.

My exhibition at American River College comes down this Monday. I'll be heading to southern CA over the weekend to see the Ken Price show at LACMA and to visit ailing family.

These loose sketches show thoughts for future work. In one, a chrysalis ceramic form is to hang on a metal cable from a wall hook. There is a companion ceramic piece positioned below like a wax puddle. The other piece is a ceramic body form with steel base. Rough holes are to be burned through the steel to show the upper ceramic nestled in and hanging through the center. Both pieces will likely have some mixed media: pins, mirror, fabric or turf. I may also incorporate fine metal mesh and wax.

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