Saturday, November 3, 2012

In the details

My current studio time is all about refinement and detail. Now that I've finished my research paper on Beauty and the Grotesque, I'll be fine tuning the work from this semester. I'm so glad Jann suggested I do something with the opening under the hanging form. I found small sewing pins and poked them through the artificial turf. This spiky bulge reflected in the mirror adds another layer of mystery and intrigue.
detail of reflection in mirror

larger detail

full view
Next I'll be cleaning polishing the steel elements in the pedestals. On the "Vagabond" piece, the slant has been corrected and welding is now tacked from below but the steel is very uneven with color. Jann also suggested I make the wood grain less visible so I'll be sanding and repainting the plywood surfaces as well. I am still waiting on the more realistic remnants from Turf Evolutions to complete the other works.

I've trimmed the base to a round on the wooden pedestal; the square form didn't seem to fit. There are now more piano wire "feelers" and I'll also make more "blobs" to hang off of the slats. I'll substitute the taller turf in the base when it arrives.

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