Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Exhibition installed

Monday was the reception for my exhibition at the Kaneko Gallery, American River College Sacramento. Last Friday, not wanting to take risks with students bumping into ceramic works, we installed the majority of the pedestal pieces in two central islands. In addition there are two on pedestals against the wall and two hanging works. There was a large turnout of students during the reception and I had the opportunity to talk about my work and answer questions. I'll return on Dec. 3rd for a second reception and on the 4th to speak to a class. There are eleven ceramic pieces on view, six of which were created during the previous three semesters.

Meanwhile, I've made some additional small elements for the works already posted. The new longer artificial turf is supposed to arrive next week at long last after which I'll finally be able to have them professionally photographed. It has taken multiple phone calls and emails over a month for it to be delivered. I've started tracking down boxes for shipping the wood/steel bases. Unfortunately the quote for shipping tubes was prohibitively expensive. Last weekend I went to the Berkeley Art Museum and  Berkeley Art Center exhibitions. The Art Museum had large scale installations by the graffiti artist Barry McGee. I found several great resource books there as well. The Berkeley Art Center's "Local Treasure" was a powerful show of ceramic sculpture by Richard Shaw, Annabeth Rosen, Pete Voulkos, Stephen De Stabler, and Nancy Selvin.

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