Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hit the ground, up and running

It was a horrendous journey back from Boston. Delayed and rescheduled flights causing rushed packing of ceramics, and 15 hours in transit following the residency knocked the wind out of me. I arrived home at 2 am (5 EST) and had to teach that day. I spent the week designing a web site which is now up, and have taken several books out of the UC Davis library. The UPS return shipment of work from AIB arrived Tues. afternoon. Last night I finished unpacking the 6 large boxes.  The last two pieces unwrapped were broken.  It is always a heartbreak, but this time, it felt like cruel punishment. Now I've got to step backward to make repairs. Less work will be sent to the next residency, period. On a positive note, I very much look forward to having Jann Nunn as my next mentor.

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