Friday, April 13, 2012

tall pots squashed

4 hand built pots, tallest 24" h

another view

mangled pots

another view

3rd view
In hand building this series of pots in large format, I wanted to make a comparison with the smaller wheel thrown groupings.  Is bigger necessarily better? Is the metaphor of the body stronger?  My previous series of Wedgwood vessels were also hand built large, but they were individualized and thematically presented, as well as run over with tire tread.  These have been hand altered, mashed together with finger and hand prints evident.  There is something that reminds me of Gustin in the arrangement and folds.  It takes several days and quite a bit of effort to build them and only minutes to mash. There is no going back!  It is heavy altogether.  Once the clay is a little harder, I'll try to reduce the weight by removing clay where not visible from underneath.  Although I could eventually build taller and longer, this grouping is about as wide as my largest kiln. 

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