Monday, April 9, 2012

high fire re-fire results

high fire, cone 8

detail high fire

detail high fire

full overhead view high fire

before image, cone 04-05

I am very excited about the results of this re-fire.  Jim Melchert suggested I intentionally try to get my work to slump in the kiln by over firing the clay body above its maturation temperature.  This is one of the works from my first squashed pot series.  It had already been sent back through a few more times because I wasn't comfortable with the original pink glaze.  I had put several layers of pink underglaze and re-fired it as I had done with the dusty blue squashed pot piece.  Where as that result was an interesting mat finish, the pink had turned elephant-like in texture and extremely ugly.  Ugly isn't necessarily bad, but it was in this case.  So, I decided to fire the pink piece at cone 8, expecting it to alter the glaze and slump.  Although it doesn't seem to have significantly changed the shape besides developing some cracks, I really like how the glaze looks like skin ready to shed.  The interior glaze also changed from metallic black to green/brown which is fine; actually more body like.  I generally prefer to keep to low fire with my work because I am trying to be more ecologically minded (why fire higher if it uses more energy, time, and resources) but this is definitely worth exploring further! 

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