Sunday, February 5, 2012

2nd semester: new beginnings

On the way down to SF to see Annabeth Rosen's ceramic sculpture exhibition at Paule Anglim Gallery and the Stephen De Stabler totemic figure show at the De Young Museum, I passed a semi truck loaded with compressed car bodies, a sight that has always seemed hauntingly beautiful and frightening.  Naturally it made me think of John Chamberlain's work but also my own run over cups and George Ohr.  Upon return,  I embarked upon a new series of squashed and compressed vessels.  They are like the writhing bodies in Dante's inferno.  It has been years since I've thrown so it is a struggle!  I don't feel compelled to make them ideal forms which helps.  Bodies are not perfect and come in all shapes and sizes.  The first three pieces are in the kiln for bisque.  The glazing will probably be monochromatic.  I expect to try some with underglaze color before squashing them.  The third piece was beyond leather hard so the vessels cracked as well as slumped when compressed.

I also have a floor based mound in the works.  I drove out to my piano tuner's shop and picked up some old piano strings to extend ceramic pieces off of the mound.  I am hoping they will add sway and movement.

My first meeting with mentor Jim Melchert is scheduled for next weekend.  He has graciously offered to come to my studio to get an overview of work produced for the program and discuss goals for the semester.

squash pots 1a.

squash pots 1b.

squash pots 2a.

squash pots 2b.

squash pots 3a.

squash pots 3b.

squash pots 3c.
squash pots 3d.


  1. Linda,
    I think these are fantastic!

  2. Wish I could take a lesson on throwing from you! Glazing is a struggle. I'll have to try color before squashing next.