Friday, January 20, 2012

Semester 2 Residency

Back from Boston just a few days.  I'm excited to have both Jim Melchert as my new artist mentor and John Kramer as academic advisor.  It will take some time to sort through all the comments received by both faculty and students about my work.  During my "Texting" seminar I was able to experiment with projecting words on to image and expect to be exploring more in this direction this semester.  I'll be looking for an additional installation space because my studio is too crammed, even with the newly build moveable wall.  I envision various levels of pedestals, from ground up and possibly fabric or painted areas behind the wall mounted works.  My goal is to continue to try to mash the abstract and figurative work, play off their differences, while using Dante's Inferno as an underlying narrative.
"Pound of Flesh" glazed ceramic on fabric covered disc with text projection.

Residency installation view with orange at AIB.

Side installation view at AIB.

Partial view of ceramic installation at AIB.

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