Tuesday, September 13, 2011

3rd Mentor Meeting

It was just two weeks since my last meeting with Robert Orbal.  He suggested I go into a frenzy and scheduled another review for yesterday.  That is not a lot of time considering the work needs to dry, be twice fired in a kiln that takes 3 days from start to finish, and a second glaze firing in two smaller kilns for the majority of work!  What a frenetic pace it was!  I unloaded the final kilns in the morning and headed out to CSUS where Robert teaches and there were some gallery walls for me to hang the pieces. 

Robert didn't feel that this work is more than just an exercise although I do see a number of them as finished, even if small.  The only piece that stood out for him was the red "blood cell" one. Truthfully I don't feel as passionate or attached to these pieces as when I am constructing one of my narrative works because they originate from a strong experience or emotion.  What I have gained is the experience of creating works based on form and color, not plotted out in advance, and mixing in other media.  I experimented with firing in metal wire, rods, and screws and a few pieces have astro-turf glued on.  I have played with using foam insulation as well.  Mentioning that my work has a Baroque connection, Robert said it seemed more Rococo.  I do see a connection to the flowing drapery, figures, and esthetic of painters such as Carracci, Rubens, and Caravaggio.  The goal will be to find a way to draw from both ways of working to reach new ground. Unfortunately, I left feeling downbeat.

We have another meeting planned for mid-October. A few pieces are being sent through the kiln again.  My studio is so cluttered; how I wish for a bigger space.  Today I went down to the local hardware store and arranged for a moveable wall to be made so I can step back from my work and view  it properly, even if it means opening the garage door and moving out on to the driveway.  At least I should have a few more months of sunshine in CA.  After my new wall is in place, I plan on spending some more time grouping these works as installations before plotting my next path. 

Most pieces wall mount and vary in size from 8 to 15" with some smaller segments thrown in.  (Sorry, color is not great.)


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