Monday, May 27, 2013

In the Details

In the last meeting with mentor Lucy Puls, we dove into the importance of details. I was reminded of my tendency to pile things on when less can be more. On Doppelgänger II, I removed the fish net stocking, reduced the amount of tubing connecting the head with the body, and added a rubber grommet to tighten the fit of the tubing to the body. I inserted brass ball chain into the tubing, extending the length with the silver chain below. Lucy also suggested I add batting to the pillow so the bumps from the "beans" infill wouldn't be felt. She advised me to work the fabric. I purchased a black faux suede and tried applying powdered graphite and iron paint to the surface but didn't think it helped. Ultimately I believe the upholstery grey velvet gives the best effect. As it turns out, the batting smooths out the pillow but causes the ceramic to slide down; the parts don't sink in as well. The pillow doesn't cling to the mesh frame and also shifts. I will try a thinner batting and hope for a compromise!

In addition, the tops of the pedestals from last semester's work have all been refined – slimmed down to lessen the visual weight. Knuckle Ball and Vagabond have single layered wooden tops. Slither's top ring was cut in half. I added artificial grass to the base of Bobble Head which I think grounds it on its own turf. Previously it had only been on the inside parts.

Knuckle Ball



Bobble Head

I'll have to wait to have Doppelgänger I properly photographed in Boston. This is the best I can do right now where it is hanging in Devin's garage. For the graduate exhibition at AIB, I expect to ship five pieces: Knuckle Ball, Slither, both Doppelgäners I and II, and Mirage.

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