Friday, October 19, 2012

Towards completion

There really isn't a good place to photograph the new work in my studio. I'll bring them to be professionally photographed when done. Yesterday I picked up the three welded pedestals and a metal hook for the fourth piece. The ceramic form that rests on the wooden pedestal is back in the kiln for its fourth firing; the others mostly had three.

I'll post the wall piece after completing the mount for it. The wood forms and mirror have been cut and it just needs to be put together and painted. These works (plus the one not photographed yet) will be presented on Monday to mentor Jann Nunn. Titles haven't come to me.

This piece was created in the last studio session but was waiting the fabrication of the pedestal.

The bottom piece is back in the kiln.

This piece is also in the kiln for another round of color. It is hard to see, but there are ceramic pieces hanging off the wooden framework as well as one that is suspended down the center. It also has piano wire appendages with plastic ends.

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