Thursday, September 27, 2012

2nd pedestal & new work started

The pedestal for the 2nd finished piece is in progress. I've built the prototype and will meet with a welder tomorrow to finalize the first (shown in the previous post) and start on the second. A third piece has been built and a fourth is on its way which will hang from the wall and a hook.

This is the prototype which will be built from wood and steel as the previous model. The top of the pedestal is angled, intentionally not level, so the piece will appear to be on an incline with part sliding off the side.

Sketch for next two works.

This piece will slide through a ring of a pedestal at its waist. It measures 28"l x 12" w x 9.5"d.

another view

detail of top

This part sits on the pedestal base and flows outward. It measures 11"l x 7"w x 9"h.

another view

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