Sunday, August 28, 2011

update with glaze work

First revision on the comparative analysis is done!  I would love to send it in tomorrow.  We'll see.  Meanwhile all of the work from the first 2 1/2 months were unloaded on Saturday in time to meet with Robert Ortbal, my mentor.  His comments and criticisms are really helping me to think more about other possibilities.  It feels like I need to scrape away sediment that has settled in my brain.  We will be meeting again in just a few weeks so I will work like a fiend until then (after the paper is done).

The large cup is cooling after being fired to cone 010 for decals.  Next will come a silver luster.  Then a mirror will be cut to sit inside.  I still have to glue the large swan together and figure out how to crochet that large doily... The title may be "Narcissus."

 Here are the glaze results.  The first two "squiggles" are wall mounted.

 "Narcissus."  The cardboard is a placeholder for the mirror. Large doily still to come.

 Decals before firing.  I intend for them to melt into the surface and alter in color as per my test.
I still can't articulate why I feel compelled to make the inflatables out of clay rather than use the plastic form in my work.  It comes from my desire to do trompe l'oeil work.  Robert put them together like this. I do like them that way: one would sink and one would swim, but I can't see the substitution...


  1. Hello Duckies! It sounds like you have been very busy my friend. This is going to be a good work weekend for me. (Labor day) I almost bet that you had someone somewhere that did not believe in mixed media that somehow pushed you to only do things in clay. Around here we call them purists. I think that at some point if the piece needs them to be plastic (depends on concept of piece) then use the inflatables. It is all about the concept.

  2. The purist attitude that I'm trying to loosen comes from me. I don't think it is bad way to be. I guess my work hasn't called out for other media in the past, except for a few instances, because I've been able to satisfy my needs by making them myself in clay. It is part of the challenge of trompe l'oeil and fooling the viewer. p.s. I just fired a piece that looks surprisingly like the form of the top image in your latest blog. I get perverse pleasure out of smashing/running over my work. It's a great release!